By the grace of Allah (The Almighty), It gives us immense pleasure and pride presenting this Catalouge and to introduce ourselves as leading manufacturer of Builders Brass Hardware fitting since 1988 in manufacturing exclusive qulity brass products. With out huge exprerience introducing out new Exclusive brand DYNAMIC. We have Exclusive range of Brass Hinges, Brass Tower Bolts & Fittings.

We have all the latest technologies for manufacturing our products from scrap and finishing it to final product. Our production line consist of casting, machining, polishing, plating, and packing. Each department has its own quality control personnel, who is always on his heels, testing each and every batch for quality consistency. We having a very experienced skilled technical staff, who lead our workforce to achieve perfection at every stage.

We also take care of pollution control. In Our manufacturing process there are no such by-products or residue which could harm the ecology of the environment. Safety and well-being of our workmen is also a prime subject of our set-up and is taken care of very properly.

Innovation and R&D are non-ending activity at our end. Our products match to the inter-nation standards of best workmanship, finish, and packing. We are confident enough that we can cater world over to the almost all the requirements in Brass Hardware and Brass Parts.